Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (August 15 – 31)

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Q&A: Kim Mathews and Signe NielsenMetropolis, 8/15/13
“Here the principals of the New York firm, Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, Kim Mathews, RLA, ASLA and Signe Nielsen, RLA, FASLA, talk about the evolution of their profession, their commitment to teaching, writing, lecturing, their research-informed work, as well as the new appreciation of design in the public realm.”

Talking BloombergThe New York Times, 8/16/13
“Overall, Mr. Bloomberg has added about 800 acres of new parkland to the city, the vast majority of it outside Manhattan; and he has invested record amounts in revitalizing old parks. The aim is now for every New Yorker to live within 10 minutes of a park. A mayor who made parks, indeed.”

Bringing Back the Night: The Fight Against Light PollutionYale Environment 360, 8/19/13
“The relatively simple act of shielding our lights — installing or retrofitting lamp fixtures that direct light downward to its intended target — represents our best chance to control light pollution. While we seldom leave our interior lights bare, most of our outdoor lighting remains unshielded, sending light straight into the sky, into our eyes, into our neighbors’ bedrooms.”

Going Vertical: The History of Green WallsLandscape Architects Network, 8/25/13
“Green walls: Function or fad? As cities and buildings all around the world are being covered in green, we take a look the phenomenon of green walls.”

Hudson Yards Offers Hot Market Banal Towers, Curvy CondosBloomberg News, 8/26/13
“Related is hunting worldwide for a monumental artwork as the plaza’s focus. Landscape architect Nelson Byrd Woltz will redesign the plaza around it. I’m hoping for the sublime not the ridiculous.”

These articles were compiled by Phil Stamper, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Image credit: Erie Canal Harbor Buffalo, NY / Courtesy Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects

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