Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (December 16 – 31)

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Hudson SpongeThe Architect’s Newspaper, 12/17/13

“Chances are most New Yorkers don’t know where Hudson Square is located. But the launch of the first phase of a $27 million streetscaping initiative may turn relatively obscure neighborhood, bounded by the West Village, SoHo, and Tribeca, into one of the most attractive places in the city.”

OMA Wins Competition to Design Firm’s First Bridge in Bordeaux, FranceInhabitat, 12/20/13

“The project is a joint effort between OMA, engineers WSP, landscape architect Michel Desvigne, consultant EGIS and the light design agency Lumières Studio. The ambitious project will feature a wide pedestrian promenade and lanes for cars, public transport, and bikes that will be closed during events.”

Q+A> Moshe SafdieThe Architect’s Newspaper, 12/20/13

“I’ve worked with a lot of gifted landscape architects. I’ve worked with Larry Halprin, Pete Walker. In Israel, Shlomo Aronson. In each case it was a true collaboration. In other words, it’s not that architecture stops and landscape takes over. There’s no such line. I conceive of building and landscape as one. And then the landscape architects and I work together in very much a tango or a dance, it’s like that, you know, because it’s a collaboration, because it’s part of the architecture.”

The Intelligent PlantThe New Yorker, 12/23/13

“In 1973, a book claiming that plants were sentient beings that feel emotions, prefer classical music to rock and roll, and can respond to the unspoken thoughts of humans hundreds of miles away landed on the New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction.”

Designers Turn Landscape Architecture Up a Notch at Spaulding Rehabilitation – Healthcare Design, 12/23/13

“When Boston’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital began making plans to relocate to a waterfront site at the Charlestown Navy Yard, the idea of an outdoor garden seemed like a natural fit. But Copley Wolff Design Group (Boston), which was hired to do the landscaping and public realm improvements, saw the opportunity to do more.”

These articles were compiled by Phil Stamper, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Image credit: Hudson Yards / Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects via The Architect’s Newspaper

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