We Are Nature

Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander has released a new set of multiple-exposure photographs as part of his We Are Nature series. The photographs merge natural scenes with portraits of people, creating a “multiple vision.” Amazingly, Relander accomplishes all of this through expert layering of images “in-camera.” There’s no Photoshop.

He writes: “As in my previous work I’ve double and triple exposed (combined) man and nature in-camera, this time by using a Nikon D800E. Afterwards I’ve imported my RAW-files (yes, you can shoot multiple exposures in RAW-format!) to Lightroom to adjust contrast, tones, colors and in some cases adding a small amount of dodging and burning.”

The photos are like out of some Finnish pagan myth. Seen above is “Old as a Tree.” Immediately below, both the forest and model highlight the idea of “Breathing.”


This one is called, “If late autumn comes, can winter be far behind?”

In these examples, the models become increasingly transparent, becoming outlines as they fade into the trees.

While another transforms back into “Bark.”

See more full-size images at Relander’s website or purchase a print.

Also, check out Cloud Forest, evocative photos of the foggy Czech Bohemian forest, by color-blind photographer Kilian Schönberger.

Image credits: Christopher Relander

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