Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (May 1 – 15)

Central Falls Comprehensive Master Plan / Brown University and RISD

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Landscape and MemoryPlaces, 5/5/14
“I’ve never seen war photographs like Jo Röttger’s. The structure of his project Landscape and Memory is familiarly photojournalistic—Röttger accompanies a German military unit as they train in Saxony-Anhalt, deploy to Afghanistan and return to Germany—but the work is an unusual hybrid of genres.”

Five Landscape Designers and Architects Who Pair Soil with Toil The New York Post, 5/6/14
“Back in 2004, Oudolf was charged with ‘illustrating a series of moods, capturing open woodland, prairie and meadow’ in one of the densest—yet most underutilized—spots in the city. Today, the famed Dutch horticulturalist’s 1¹/₂-mile-long plantings on the High Line provide a giraffe’s-eye view onto the Hudson and West Chelsea. The breezy, carefree space is enough to inspire even the most jaded New Yorker.”

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan on How Design can Prepare Us for Climate ChangeFast Company Design, 5/6/14
“In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development launched Rebuild by Design, a design competition aimed at developing innovative storm resilience strategies in the places that Sandy devastated.”

Millennium Park Turns TenThe Architect’s Newspaper, 5/13/14
“Happy birthday, Millennium Park! Yes, the Chicago park named for the chronological milestone now 14 years in the rearview mirror is turning 10—it went famously over-schedule and over-budget but we love it nonetheless. Last year 4.75 million people visited Chicago’s front yard, taking in free concerts and events, and probably taking at least as many selfies with Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate and the flowing titanium locks of Frank Gehry‘s Pritzker Pavilion in the background.”

Brown, RISD Students Unveil Plan to Transform Central Falls’ Urban Landscape The Providence Journal, 5/13/14
“Elizabeth Dean Hermann, a professor of landscape architecture at RISD, said that as many as 100 students from Brown, RISD and Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia, will flood Central Falls this summer with plans to help turn around the city that emerged from bankruptcy less than two years ago.”

These articles were compiled by Phil Stamper-Halpin, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator.

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