New Videos: Inside the Landscape Architect’s Studio

Each year at the ASLA Annual Meeting, some of the world’s top landscape architects and designers explain themselves in front of audiences of hundreds. These designers give in-depth presentations, explaining the logic behind their designs and their latest projects. Now, ASLA has made these presentations available online for free. From the ASLA 2015 Annual Meeting in Chicago, you can watch more than 6 hours of videos by:

Floor Associates

Since its inception in 1997, Floor Associates’ work has sought to integrate a contemporary design approach with the timeless beauty and ecology of the desert Southwest. Through case study examples of their work, this wife and husband team will discuss the firm’s highly collaborative, interdisciplinary design approach to urban, healing, learning and playing environments and how they continue to refine their new, yet authentic, “Desert School” design vernacular.

Watch Kristina Floor, FASLA, principal; Christopher Brown, FASLA; and Ashley Brenden, ASLA, all with Floor Associates; moderated by Todd Briggs, ASLA, principal, Trueform landscape architecture studio.

HM Design

Meet this one-of-a-kind international planning and design firm that practices it’s very own quadruple bottom line philosophy – one that balances economic, environmental, social and spiritual aspects for every project. HM Design is a multi-disciplinary modern-renaissance practice that respects animals, native plants, local people and the spirit of the place.

Watch Hitesh Mehta, FASLA, and Hirsh Kabaria, HM Design; moderated by Todd Hill, ASLA, DTJ Design

Hollander Design

Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects has been involved with environmental planning and design projects covering a wide range of scales for 20 years. Each project focuses attention on detailed design and environmental appropriateness encompassing, wherever possible, elements of the native or vernacular landscape. Hollander Design utilizes a combination of landscape architectural, horticultural, and ecological talents to develop creative solutions to design problems.

Watch Edmund Hollander, FASLA, president; Stephen Eich, ASLA; Melissa Reavis, ASLA; Marjorie Bart Salcedo; and Geoffrey M. Valentino, ASLA, all with Hollander Design; moderated by Bradford McKee, Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects

SPLA combines deep understanding of southern California regional ecologies—urban, natural, and political– with deep analysis, research, and design rigor. Over three decades they’ve created transformative, restorative landscapes that embrace the paradoxes of the contemporary west and connect people, communities, and environments. Principals will discuss the firm’s influences, evolution and design approach, including the practice of taking the long view.

Watch Martin Poirier, FASLA, principal; Andrew J. Spurlock, FASLA, principal; and Leigh Kyle, ASLA, all with Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects; moderated by Thomas R. Oslund, FASLA.

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