New Short Film: Pollinators Under Pressure

A new short film narrated by award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio seeks to raise public awareness about pollinators, which includes bees, bats, butterflies, birds, and other mammals; the important ecological and economic roles they play; and the threats they face. The film was produced by Tree Media and directed by Matthew Schmid.

Pollinator health is the rare issue that spans the political spectrum. ASLA has worked with the non-profit Pollinator Partnership to turn this bipartisan goodwill into government policy.

In 2015, ASLA successfully lobbied for inclusion of pollinator-friendly management practices in the 2015 FAST Act. The law instructs the U.S. department of transportation to implement integrated vegetation management, reduced mowing schedules, and planting of native, pollinator-friendly species on highway roadsides. In 2016, the Federal Highway Administration issued guidance to state departments of transportation on how to implement pollinator-friendly habitats on the 17 million acres of roadsides across the country.

Despite the bipartisan consensus, the plight of pollinators remains a relatively obscure issue among the wider population. The producers of Pollinators Under Pressure hope to change that, and have made the film available for free online, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to educate others about the issue.

There are practices any home gardener can adopt: plant pollinator-friendly gardens, eliminate the use of pesticides, provide clean water, and leave dead tree trunks.

Learn more about Pollinators Under Pressure.

2 thoughts on “New Short Film: Pollinators Under Pressure

  1. Randal Romie 06/25/2018 / 2:26 pm

    “…reduce the use of pesticides,” the more I become involved in this pollinator discussion the more I realize that pesticides are probably the greatest problem. We can plant for pollinators but we must stop killing them, first. In my neighborhood I am seeing mosquito killer sprayed throughout the small urban yards. You know that spray is headed my way, and if you were a bee would you stick around? I’m just trying to grow some vegetables and be a good steward. Please stop with the killer liquids for whatever reason. I just bought an affordable human and animal friendly weed killer that has a rosemary & cinnamon based oil, makes a lot of sense to me,it probably will not cause cancer, and it actually smells good. We can do this.

  2. Val 06/28/2018 / 11:03 pm

    Excellent and concise! All of us need to know/learn about, talk about, and act in support of pollinators. I agree with Randal than excessive use of pesticides in a neighborhood is shared with everyone…like secondhand smoke!

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